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The Curious Pineapple  Viking Santa - Xmas Card 2014 Incredible Gene Boy Fan Art - The Rhythm Bombers

Rock'N'Roll at Smokey Ro's Cafe - Volume 1 Scribe and Quill 2001 Scribe and Quill 2013 - Photoshop Illustration



Logo Vector - Marenghi Art Studio Nikola Tesla - Vector Art Top Banana - Watercolour Illustration  Fine Art - Skull study Illustration - Chalk on black paper Skeleton Study - using various mediums  


The Greyskulls: Alternative Covers Band8ft x 6ft Fireproof Banner: Characterise as Skulls Project

Leon - The Greyskulls Backdrop Banner Rhett - The Greyskulls Backdrop Banner Darren - The Greyskulls Backdrop Banner Anthony - The Greyskulls Backdrop Banner All The Greyskulls Vectorised Backdrop Banner - 8ft x 6ft


Disciples of the Wolf : Biker Patch Tribute: Movie Club: Movie Club Project

Bikerpatch movie club idea 01 Disciples of the wolf 1 Wolf Bikerpatch movie club idea 02 Disciples of the wolf 2 Wolfman President Patch Club Member 01 Road Captain Patch Club Member 02 

Tail Gunner Patch Club Member 03 Finished Cut - DotW Biker Patch 4 of 5


Facebook Halloween Countdown: Fast Food Monsters

Dracula Burger 01 Frankenstein Kebab 02 Wolfman Hot Dog 03  Creature from the Black Lagoon Sushi 04 Mummy Fried Chicken 05 Zombie Pizza 06 


Facebook Challenges: Request a doodle on my facebook page

'Girl on a swing, in the Clouds, eating Cherries' Julia Coles 'me flying a plane whilst playing an amazing Pink Floyd solo on keyboard' Paul Clancy 'Dead Ace'  Giancarlo Cancelliere 'An Owl of some Sorts' Sophie Diane Williams 'Myself hitching a ride on the back of a vesper being ridden by the Incredible Hulk' Gareth Pugh 'Playing the drums Badass' Giuliana Marenghi 'Stacey is liking le doodles' Stacey Legge 'Me running/cycling down streets whilst playing an epic Guitar solo on Shamunka' Mark Tambini


Promotional Material: Jam with RoBina - Faces of spectre  

Faces of Spectre -'Ro' Faces of Spectre -'Mark' Faces of Spectre -'Ryan' Faces of Spectre -'Rory' Faces of Spectre -'Dan' 


Album Artwork: Jam with RoBina - Dark Recollections

 Jam With Robina - Dark Recollections Album Cover Dark Recollections - Forbidden Woods Artwork Dark Recollections - Spirit of Fire Artwork Dark Recollections - The Damned Dark Recollections - Miracle Dark Recollections - Silhouettes Dark Recollections - Without You Dark Recollections - Imaginary Space Club Dark Recollections - Lunatic Dark Recollections - Epic Mother Dark Recollections - Sons of Odin


Promotional Work: Jam with RoBina - Photo Maniulation

Icon Elven Mage Dark Recollections - Lunatic Dark Recollections - Lunatic Dark Recollections - Lunatic