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Sunday 28th November 2015 

-  Auntie Carla's 50th Birthday Present

I wanted to get my Auntie something for her Birthday that she could always remember.
eith a little help from the rest of my family, things to include were ...

Yoga, Bella the dog, The wallet incident, George Clooney, Tea, Liquorice allsorts, Tap dancing, her MP3 player and a book on consumer and trading standards.

I think i got all that in there?!!
Auntie Carla's 50th Birthday Present



Sunday 20th September 2015 -  Anniversary Present

The Accidental Adventures of Krash Test Keiron


Just over a Year ago my cousin Keiron got married to the love of his life. I was asked to come up with a comic book cover for his wife to give him as a 1st anniversary present.
Keiron is a nurse and a very good one at that but knowing him growing up i knew him as a Batman loving accident prone and as he got older it was evident he was a fan of the larger endowed lady. After permission from his wife this is what i came up with.

Krash test Keiron - Anniversay Present


Thursday 11th June 2015 

'Chuck Steel: Raging Balls of Steel Justice'

Here's the Full version of the Short Promo, 'Chuck Steel: Raging Balls of Steel Justice'.

For those who dont already know, This Short Promo film is why we're now making a Feature length film.
I'm super busy working on the feature as graphic designer alongside a superb team of peeps over at Chuck Towers!

Chuck Steel: Raging Balls of Steel Justice promo Image

If you haven't see this already please watch it here for FREE.

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Tuesday 7th April 2015 - Curiosity Created A Cannibal

 Here is my entry for this months Cloth Cat art challenge. 

The title I chose was 'curious pineapple' and just for fun I decided to go with a spoof movie poster idea. It'll be my last of the challenges for a little while Cloth cat have been awesome to me and I hope to work with these guys again sometime. But for now i am excited to say im off to start a new job this coming thursday. 
I can't tell you how excited i am about this new chapter in my career. See you guys again soon and big love 

Curiosity created a Cannibal


Friday 30th January 2015 - Designing Our Wedding Invites

With Christmas over there was nothing more on my mind but the big event of the year for me was getting married to Imogen. With all the work i had done up to Christmas I had promised her that the new year would bring soul concentration on our wedding in May. 
I gave Immi a few suggestion as to what we could do, we wanted it to be classy but fun, hopefully to reflect the day itself.
Here's what she agreed to and the final result, complete with a mock logo on the back incorporating both our surnames...

Romano Marenghi and Imogen Lane Wedding Invites 2015


Wednesday 7th January 2015 - Christmas Present madness 2014


Now that Christmas is done and these gifts have been given. I can now reveal this year's collection of presents that I was asked to put together for the 2014's Holiday season.

For the past 2 years now October up to Christmas Day is very busy time for me getting these completed for people.

I just want to thank everyone for the support in 2014 and Happy new year to everyone for 2015.

Leah Franchi Christmas Pressy 2014 Mr & Mrs Evans Christmas Pressy 2014

Toby Kinnerly Christmas Present 2014 


Friday 2nd January 2015 - The Finished Cut part 5 of 5


- 'Disciples of the Wolf - Cursed Crew Patch'


Here it is the fifth and final part of the finished patches I set out to create for my Disciples of the Wolf Movie Club project.

As you can see below this fifth cut belongs to the clubs Sergeant at Arms. He is responsible for policing and keeping order at all club events. If anyone knows anything about the guy in the photo below, then you'll understand why this patch and title is perfect for him in particular.

This patch comes complete with Cursed Crew and title badges. Please see the other 4 patches in the services section

Sgt at Arms - Finished Cut - DotW Biker Patch 5 of 5


Monday 15th December 2014 - Christmas Card

Finished Cut - DotW Biker Patch 4 of 5

Merry Christmas

It’s been really great here at Marenghi Art Studio this year so I wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has supported me so far.

Here’s a little Christmas card with a difference…

This time of year we are bombarded with images of Santa and I've always thought he would make a real bad-ass Viking. Big and strong, he could probably take on all sorts of people from the naughty list.

My Santa is an older ginger Viking, dressed in green and complete with Reindeer horns. His shield doubles as camouflage for those tricky situations involving children with Christmas insomnia.

As an added extra I have him stepping on a Coca-Cola can. This is a nod to a special someone in my life who never fails to have a grump about how if it wasn't for Coca-Cola, Saint Nick would be all dressed in green at this time of year.

I've had a lot of fun reading up about some of the traditions that we have taken and changed to form our modern Christmas traditions today and this is just some of those things all forced into one picture from me to you.

Once again Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Thursday 11th December 2014 - The Finished Cut part 4 of 5

- 'Disciples of the Wolf - Cursed Crew Patch'


Here it is the fourth part of five finished Patches for my Disciples of the wolf Movie Club project.

As you can see below this fourth cut belongs to the clubs second in commands, also known as the Vice Presidents or V.P for short. If anything goes wrong with the President or he's out of action, its the duty of the Vice president to step up and take over.

This patch comes complete with Cursed Crew and title badges. Keep an eye out for the last members patches coming soon.


Finished Cut - DotW Biker Patch 4 of 5


Wednesday 10th December 2014 - Tis the Season to be designing Posters Tra La la la la

Here's two posters I was asked to put together for the Christmas period in 2014




Monday 24th November 2014 - The Finished Cut part 3 of 5

- 'Disciples of the Wolf - Cursed Crew Patch - 'Tail Guner'

Here is the Third of five finished Patches for my Disciples of the wolf Movie Club project. 
This Third cut is the Tail Gunner. This Clubs last line of defence , Last in position when riding, responsible for planning ahead and bringing up the rear.
Again, this patch also comes complete with Cursed Crew and title badges. Keep an eye out for the last 2 members patches coming soon.

Finished Cut - DotW Biker Patch Part 3 of 51


Friday 31st October 2014 - The Greyskulls Backdrop 8ft x 6ft Gigging Banner

I was so honoured to be asked a few months back to do this commission.

The lads from one of my favorite alternative covers bands asked me if i'd like to design them a backdrop and promotional artwork for all their up and coming gigs.
The brief sounded simple, four characters of each of the four band members but represented by their skeletal selves. 'Easy-peasy' i first thought to myself by as i got into the first sketches i soon realised 'How does one characterise someone when your not drawing them with any of their defining facial features?'
Their annual  Halloween gig was my deadline November the 1st 2014, I just hope i did them proud!

All The Greyskulls Vectorised Backdrop Banner - 8ft x 6ft

Leon - The Greyskulls Backdrop Banner Rhett - The Greyskulls Backdrop Banner Darren - The Greyskulls Backdrop Banner Anthony - The Greyskulls Backdrop Banner 


Sunday 14st September 2014 - My Biggest Commission Yet!

- 'Leadership from the Front Line - The Battle against Management'

Book Illustration Commission


Ok so this so this is the biggest thing Marenghi Art Stuido has been involved in so far. Way back at the end of last year, I was asked if I'd be interested in doing a set of illustrations to aid a book written by Dr Paul Thomas of the BBC Documentary 'Ban the Boss'.

How could I say No?!

My Christmas was to become a very busy one. Commissioned to illustrate 12 sections of the book i got to work. The main brief was to add a fun and slightly lighter side to the book it's self. we finally got everything finished and ready to publish by the April just gone (2014) and I couldn't be prouder.

As you can now see, I finally got round to putting the finished illustrations together as a combined display for my webpage and the results are as always featured below. More importantly you can buy the book complete with all the intended content here on amazon. 


Published by Cambria Books, you can find more information about the book here in the link below

Cambria Books


Leadership from the front line - the battle against management


Saturday 16th August 2014 - Birthday Present Commission

Rachel Lamorte's Birthday Present


I was asked to whip up a swift birthday present for a family friend.

The brief was simple.

He was in need of a portrait for his wife to celebrate her birthday with.

He wanted to include a few of her favorite things, Travel, Shopping and her Pride and joy her The Black BMW 2 Door Saloon with the custom number plate Rach1.

Here’s the result.


Rachel Lamortes Birthday Commission


Sunday 31st August 2014 - The Finished Cut part 2 of 5

- 'Disciples of the Wolf - Cursed Crew Patch'

The Birthday Boy


82 today and look at him, The original Badass!

 Here is the second of five finished Patches for my Disciples of the wolf Movie Club project.

I was going to leave Nonno’s reveal until last but today I turn up to his Birthday Dinner and the Legend has his patch on and wearing it proud. What can i do?!

This Second cut is the Road Captain, Once the Clubs president, the retiring the responsibility of the club to a younger member gives the Vet’ the privilege to pick his last signature position. In this case this was his.

Again, this patch also comes complete with Cursed Crew and title badges. Keep an eye out for the next 3 members patches coming soon.


Finished Cut pt 2- DotW Biker Patch


Monday 16th June 2014 - The Finished Cut part 1 of 5

- 'Disciples of the Wolf - Cursed Crew Patch'


I started so i'll finish, Here it is the first of five finished Patches for my Disciples of the wolf Movie Club project.

As you can see below this first cut is the Leaders patch, also known as the Presidents cut. This patch comes complete with Cursed Crew and title badges. Keep an eye out for the next 4 members patches coming soon.


Finished Cut - DotW Biker Patch



Tuesday 6th May 2014 - The Biggest Imagination EVER!!!

- 'The Incredible Gene Boy'


I started my new job working for D&S Signs Ltd back in March and I’ve met a lot of interesting new people. The staff are great, and the clients are a varied bunch of people from all walks of life.

The one person to stand out the most for me so far though is a little boy by the name of William Morton. He is my boss’s nephew and has popped in from time to time over the past few months.


Now to describe William I’d have to say he’s the most excited, imaginative, confident little boy I have had the pleasure of meeting for a long time. The first time I met him was like a world wind. He must have literally explained the entire history of Marvel Lego to me. Within ten minutes we were at my desk using a superhero name generator on the web and by using William’s name and birth date the name ‘Gene boy’ was born.

William was so excited by this, it took him no time at all before he was telling me about his duel special powers of electricity and fire and how his monster enemies wanted to pull his head off, and how he alone, was going to save the world.

At this point I cannot lie I was in awe of his excitement and imagination. As we continued to talk he asked me if I thought Marvel would make a film about Gene boy? Now not wanting to burst his bubble, in my naivety I told him maybe he could write a letter to Marvel to ask them if it might be possible, thinking William would just leave the subject be, No not William. As bold as you like he requested that I e-mail them. This is where the little White lie begins. I took William’s orders and wrote an email to ‘Marvel’. The e-mail asked if Marvel would be able to make a motion picture about Gene boy. Not three seconds after pressing ‘send’ and William seemed to explode with excitement. At that point I knew I was in trouble. Not long after William left for the evening. My conscience in tatters, the rest of my work colleagues, mostly comprised of Williams family, brought me to the realisation that William would not forget and that his dreams would be in pieces unless I was prepared to do something about it.

After an evening of thinking about what action to take I decided that there would be no harm in extending the white lie. I decided to pose as a Marvel representative and write a letter of apologies to William attached with a gift of good will …


Below is what William received, and to date seeing Little Williams face as he opened his package and listening to his message from ‘Stan Lee’ and Present from ‘Zak Franchi’ (my made up Pseudo name) is going to be one of my favourite memories of all time. Well worth the hours I put into putting it together for him too. 

Incredible Gene Boy Stan Lee Gene Boy Letter


Monday 14th April 2014 - Birthday Present Commission

- 'Oddy the Trainer Boy'


Way back in september last year I was asked if I would be interested in designing a birthday present for the boyfriend of a young lady's by the name of Kayleigh Morgan. The brief didnt need to be completed until April giving me a nice about of time to get it done for her.

As always, I was delighted to say yes and go about creating something nice for her boys special day. The brief was simple. Sean Oddy (her boyfriend) was a big BIG lover of not only his Car (Seat Leon FR) but his thousands of Trainers. So along with his custom numberplate I decided to ram in just that. After a few idea sketches back and forth this is the end result That Kayleigh went for below. I affectionatly nicknames it 'Oddy the Trainer Boy'  

Oddy The trainer Boy



Monday 3rd March 2014 - NEW JOB at D&S Signs Ltd!!!

- 'TraVol - Blue Dragon Service'

After nearly 10 years in the animation industry i decided to take the plunge and make a career change.

As some of you know from previous posts i've been doing some freelance work for friends of mine at D&S Signs Ltd. Over the Past 9 months i've been in talks with them and I happily agreed to take a full time job with them as their new designer.

The job role is not only to build up the online presence of the company but to be there to take on design work of a more challenging nature. Below is an example of my first brief working at D&S Signs. TraVol are a local charity based transport service in the south Wales area. Armed with some new funding the charity asked us to design something for the fleet of busses called 'Blue Dragon Services'
I was asked to combine the traditional welsh dragon design, now in blue, with a design that was seen of an anaconda crushing a straigh city bus.

As you can see below the design used the dragons tail to get this crushing effect and the end wrap result was a massive success. In turn resulting in D&S landing another 4 jobs with the same design.

To see a timelapse of the the lads fitting my design to the bus please click on this Youtube link below

TraVol - Blue Dragon Service Full Wrap Timelapse


 TraVol - Blue Dragon Services


Thursday 13th February 2014 - Rockabilly Fan Art 

- 'The Rhythm Bombers'

I was asked by my Rockabilly friends 'The Rhythm Bombers' to create some fan art to accompany the bands new line up. 

As a short brief i was asked to include a Pin up and A Bomb. So Here's My attampt. I just hope they Like it.

Fan Art - The Rhythm Bombers


Thursday 26th December 2013 - Christmas Present 

- The Kinnerly's 

Here is my last commission of 2013. I was asked by my good friend Jack Kinnerly to create a family portrait of his lovely Parents. He also wanted to include a few things. Mrs Kinnerly, Sally, breeds Jack Russles so her two favourites Poppy and Bonzo needed to be included. She needed to be relaxing after a hard day's bleach cleaning with a large glass of white wine and a stack of Jane Austin books too. Mr Kinnerly, Neil, on the other hand needed to be successfully on his way out the door with his trusty bag of golf clubs and ski's.

I hope they enjoyed Christmas this year and it gained Jack some extra points on Santa’s Good Boy list

Mr & Mrs Kinnerly - Christmas present 2013

Thursday 14th November 2013 

- Mix CD Cover - Rock'N'Roll at Smokey Ro's Cafe Volume 1

This is just something I put together for my Dad's birhday.

Dad has always been a big fan of Rock 'N' Roll and Rockabilly so I decided to make him the ultimate Mix CD hosted and DJ' by yours truley under the pseudonym 'Smokey Ro'.

All the songs were themed around different aspects of his life so i decided to have a go at some artwork for that as well.

The cover includes - A younger looking version of my father driving his favorite British classic Morris minor convertable. Myself in the passenger seat. Posing as the Bad guy and nearly driving us off the is a good Psycobilly friend of his driving an A big American Roadster. The diner behind is a highbrid. The front section is our family Fish and Chip  shop then a traditional American diner to complete the rear.   

Rock'N'Roll at Smokey Ro's Cafe Volume 1


Thursday 31st October 2013 - Halloween countdown Fun 

Fast Food Monsters

This is just some fun to be had before Halloween 2013. Combining two thing that I love to fear using my Green and Black Biro's and paper. 

1:Monsters (scary) and 2: Fast Food (WILL make you fat)

I posted one of these on my facebook page for each of the last few days counting down before halloween, below are the gang all together.

Fast Food Monsters Gang


Thursday 17th August 2013 - 22nd Birthday Present 

Miss Lauren Evans

Here is my latest commission for you all to see. Presenting the very beautiful Lauren Evans who celebrated her 22nd birthday yesterday.
Few months back i was very kindly asked to do this for her by her boyfriend and my cousin Daniel Lamorte.
All that was asked for is to include her favourite drink, her mobile phone, a reference to music but most importantly 'the pose' and her larger than life smile. I'm told she's chuffed to bits with it as am I.
Happy Birtday Lauren xxx


22nd Birthday Present - Lauren Evans 


Friday 29th August 2013 - Grandpa in my Pocket series 4&5

Lunch Club t-shirt design.

Over the past 2 months, through July and August, I was working long but very enjoyable hours onset with the Grandpa in my pocket Cast and Crew.

My lunch hours were mainly spent with this handful of awesome goons in under the shelter of gazebo attached to the side of a converted portable library owed by our clubs leader Richard Dalton.

We thought why not have a momento to remember some of our fun times, eating laughing and generally swatting killer wasps on a daily basis. Obviously yours truly stepped up to the plate and sketched us all up one evening. Jess then kindly arranged the design being printed on t-shirts for our last day.


Grandpa in my pocket Series 4&5 - Lunch Club 


Wednesday 26th June 2013 - Biker Patch / Movie Club designs 

Over the past couple of years I have been obsessed with finding out about anything to do with the biker gang culture.  This might be because I am a massive fan of the American television series 'Sons of Anarchy'. Now I don't own a motorbike and nor do I intend to get one but I very much like the designs of what's called their 'patches', essentially its the gang emblem and it's not to be disrespected.

What is interesting about a biker patch is all the hidden meanings and what they represent to the gang themselves. So i thought how about i pay homage and design one for myself and any of my friends who i have shared my love of the S.O.A franchise and any of the biker gang legends we have spoken about over the years.

You may notice that my version of 'M.C' stands for 'Movie Club' Anyone who knows anything about bikes will know what inventing an unofficial biker gang might lead to if caught by an official biker gang.

Let's hope my Werewolf Movie Club Patch gets me off the hook this time. 

Below is the final design (Wolfman) and previous variant (Werewolf) created in vector for a possible embroidery maybe sometime in the future.

01 Werewolf biker/movie club patch 02 Wolfman biker/movie club patch


Thursday 13th June 2013 - Scribe & Quill 2013 

So here it is, the re-vamped design of my characters Scribe and Quill. 
I wanted to practice on some of my colouring skills, so used one of my designs from back in 2001. I'm pleased with the results so far. Along with this Illustration I have also been working on their back stories to really give the characters some depth. The back story is quite lengthy but I have added the short hand version below for anyone who is interested.

- Please read below the short synopsis -

(short synopsis to be added here)

Scribe and Quill 2013 - Photoshop Illustration


Thursday 13th June 2013 - Mobile Advertising at its best!

You may have guessed from yesterdays post that my friends at D&S Signs were preparing the vinyl to wrap my Fiat, and doesnt she look lovely now?! 
'Bold' I hear you say... indeed! 

But whats an advert for your website if its not eye catching eh?

Mobile Advertising


Wednesday 12th June 2013 - Now what might this be for?

Have a look at the photo below. Obviously a large print of my logo being done here by my good friends D&S Signs LTD, but what are they prepping it for eh?
Find out tomorrow ;-)

Guess what this might be for?


Friday 31st May 2013 - Scribe and Quill from 2001

Character design is one of my most favourite things to do. I find myself often with idea's for characters and I thought why not go back to a design idea I had and give it a re-hash of some sort.
Back in my foundation art year at college, we were asked to design a character, give it a story line and then sculpt it in a pose that suited the character. I was always quite keen on my 'Scribe and Quill' Idea so here is the original character sketch, sculpt and illustration done back on 2001. I wanted to post this piece of my design history ready for a re-vamp 12 years later, hopefully to be posted on here very soon complete with story explanation

Scribe and Quill 2001


Wednesday 15th May 2013 - M.A.S website is launched !!!

After the past few months gathering the content and putting all the bits and pieces together, ‘Marenghi Art Studio’ website is finally here.

Launch Day!!! Marenghi Art Studio or 'M.A.S'


Tuesday 14th May 2013 - Testimonial from Mark and Sian Tambini

So last December my one of my best friends got married. It was a very memorable and special day for all involved and I’ll never forget it. Knowing the guys well I felt it was essential to include the following;

- The bride and groom themselves 

- Sian's Vintage Bike

- And the real boss of the family 'Bibi' the Chihuahua.

I was honoured to have been included in their day and even more honoured they would send on these kind words below.  

Wedding Present - Mark Sian and Bibi on a bike


Thursday 9th May 2013 - Testimonial from 'Frisbee' Mike Elliott

Back in June last year I was given a brief to design a comic cover for a 30th birthday present. I was told that Mike is a big fan of Marvel's, Wolverine and that the design needed to include the following features;

- Mike to be fighting Wolverine

- A hint somewhere of Mike's love for ultimate frisbee

- He often wears a dicky bow

I'm really glad Mike loved his special edition Wolverine cover. I wonder how his ultimate frisbee will fair against the Ademantium strength of Logan in the future?

30th Birthday Present - Frisbee Mike Elliott


Wednesday 8th May 2013 - Pontypridd under 12’s rugby jerseys.

D&S Signs LTD kindly sponsors Pontypridd’s under 12’s rugby squad. In turn adding their logo to the black jersey's front and center designed here at M.A.S.

Under 12's Ponty Rugby Tops 


Thursday 2nd May 2013 - Logo Commission

Here is a commissioned logo for D&S Signs LTD gets the go ahead. Looking sharp on either black or white.

Logo Design for D & S Signs LTD